Can You Put a Rooftop Tent on a Small Car or SUV?

Can You Put a Rooftop Tent on a Small Car or SUV?

If you're an adventure enthusiast, you may have considered a rooftop tent for your excursions. But one question often crops up: can you put a rooftop tent on a small car or an SUV? The answer is almost always yes!

A common misconception is that rooftop tents are only suitable for larger vehicles due to their size and weight. However, this is far from the truth, as specific models, like our GT Roof tent, are made to cater to cars and SUVs of all sizes.

GT ROOF rooftop tent on a small hatchback on a beach

Can your car roof support the weight of a rooftop tent? It's a valid concern, given the general perception about these products. But rest assured, our GT Roof tent is lightweight, which significantly reduces load on your car roof. Plus, we provide comprehensive information to guide you through the installation process, ensuring safety and proper weight distribution.

GT ROOF rooftop tent on a small hatchback on the beach fully packed away, showing the small pack height of the GT ROOF tent.

Another common question is about aerodynamics. This is a great question to ask. Depending on the set up, some rooftop tents can greatly impact aerodynamics and increase the drag on the car. This in effect can have a big impact on fuel efficiency. It is important to look at the packed weight of the tent. Tents that have a smaller packed weight will almost always have a lower drag and better aerodynamics, therefore leading to better fuel efficiency. This can save you big money on the long road trips.

So what's the verdict? It's totally possible and perfectly safe to install a rooftop tent on a small car or SUV. Just remember to check the weight of your tent vs the static weight rating of your vehicle.

Our 2-3 person rooftop tent called the GT ROOF weighs only 68 lbs, meaning that even with 3 people inside, you will still be within the weight ratings of 99% of roof racks and vehicles. Smaller cars and SUVs can now be your perfect camping companion, allowing you to wake up to scenic landscapes while ensuring a comfortable sleep during the night.

If you still have queries or concerns, feel free to reach out to us. Happy camping!

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