What is the difference between the GT ROOF and the GT SKYLOFT?

They both use the same inflatable frame and material, but the GT ROOF is a 2-3 person tent and the GT SKY LOFT is a 5-6 person tent.

GT ROOF: 33 sq ft lying surface

GT SKY LOFT: 73 sq ft lying surface

Is the ladder included in the purchase?

Yes one telescopic ladder is included in your purchase of a tent.

The GT SKY LOFT has two entrances, so some people purchase a second telescopic ladder so they can easily access the tent through both entrances.

Will the awning fit any vehicle?

The awnings come with extendable

How heavy are the tents?

GT SKY LOFT 5-6 person tent: 109 lbs (49 kg)

GT ROOF 2-3 person tent: 68 lbs (31 kg)

What if my inflatable tent gets a puncture?

Every purchase comes with a repair kit in case of emergencies, so you will never get stranded.

The inflatable frame material itself though is incredibly durable, and punctures are rare. Watch this video of a car driving over it if you need convincing from the original Indigogo campaign.

The inflatable tube is made of similar durable material to inflatable water craft and stand up paddle boards.

If you want to look at the specs and research them more, here are the materials:

Tent material: Polycotton

Outer tube: Double Ripstop PES, Lying Platform: Drop-Stitch, aluminum

Inner Tube: TPU, PES, PVC tarpaulin

Can I take my tent on the water as a boat?

Yes! Our rooftop tents are inflatable and waterproof, which has many benefits, including it's ability to float. We don't recommend using it on a multi-day river adventure, but it does float, and we love taking ours on the lake during a hot day.

You can watch this video from our Austrian roots. Forward the video to time stamp 3:00 min to see the GT SKY LOFT being used on the water.

How does an inflatable tent hold up to storm winds?

We rigorously test our products to make sure you are prepared for all weather.

Our tents can not only withstand strong winds over 75 mph, but are actually quieter than most metal framed rooftop tents, which can make stormy nights a lot more restful.

Want to see for yourself?

  • Video of our tent in a windstorm in Thailand
  • Video of our tent during a stress test

Will your rooftop tents fit on my Car/Van/SUV/Truck?

Yes! Our rooftop tents fit on 99% of vehicles with a standard roof rack. Our tents are light, and easy to install.

You will want to look at the packed dimensions of the tent to just ensure the tent is not too wide for your vehicle while you are driving.

When setting up the tent, it may overhang off the side of your vehicle to give you more space inside, but the support of the inflated floor and the ladder insure it stays secure.

It is important to also look at the weight limits of your roof rack. Most roof racks will support our tents, but it important to check.

Note that the posted weight limit on your roof rack is usually the dynamic load limit (maximum load while driving). You will want to research your roof rack's static load limit (applicable to a rooftop tent), which is typically much higher than your dynamic load limit. Sometimes 8-10x higher than the dynamic load limit.

How do the tents mount to my vehicle?

They mount directly on to your roof rack. There are no custom frames needed. It is a simple easy to attach adapter.

Watch our full video on installing the GT SKY LOFT from our Austrian office (It is in German)

How hard is it to set up the tents?

This is one of the best parts about GentleTent rooftop tents. The GT One Valve Technology makes set up a breeze, literally.

All tents include a 12V air pump, so you can set up your tent in under 10-15 minutes.

We advertise 15 minutes to set up the 6 person GT SKY LOFT, but we have timed each other and the current ream record is 9 min 48 seconds :).

Will my standard roof rack support the weight?

Yes! Our tents are super lightweight, so they will fit on a standard roof rack. You can read our blog which speaks more in detail about this.

In general though most vehicles and roof racks will support our tents and the weight of the guests.

It is important to look at your roof rack maximum load ratings. Note that this load rating is usually a dynamic load rating, which is rated for when the vehicle is driving and in motion. Your roof rack will also have a static load rating, which is typically much higher, often 8-10x higher weight rating.