Sharing our love of camping with the world.

  • GentleTent originated in Vienna, Austria, when inventor Gernot Rammer introduced the first inflatable tent design in 2012, revolutionizing the rooftop tent experience. As our innovative product gained attention in the media, including features in WIRED Magazine, Forbes, and Buzzfeed, it became clear that we had something special.

  • In The Beginning

    In 2012, Gernot Rammer's bike journey sparked a vision for a comfortable and lightweight bike trailer integrating camping and biking. Collaborating with architect Jürgen Haller at the Linz tobacco factory, the concept evolved into B TURTLE, featuring an inflatable tent element.

    Driven by a passion for the "Airtent" vision, existing jobs were abandoned, and a Linz tobacco factory workshop became a hub for a diverse team of architects, engineers, designers, and outdoor enthusiasts. "Airtent" embodied pneumatic air bodies, aiming to revolutionize tents. The team faced challenges with trailer construction, leading to a decision in autumn 2013 to focus on developing an airtent solution.

    These unconventional tents not only challenged norms in aesthetics and functionality but also marked the start of the tent revolution.

    Gernot's bike revelation set in motion a journey that transformed a dream into the innovative GentleTent, – a testament to perseverance, creativity, and the belief that camping should be a unique, comfortable, and effortless experience.

  • Against All Odds

    The journey included relentless product tests, material tweaks, and even the setback of a stolen prototype. On February 16, 2014, the "day of uprising" marked a triumphant moment as the first GentleTent prototype stood independently for the first time, now celebrated annually. This pivotal day led to the official founding of GentleTent in April 2014, unveiling the first three products.