Terms and Conditions of Gear up for Summer Sale

1. Introduction These terms and conditions apply exclusively to the online sale of GT SKY LOFT and GT ROOF rooftop tents ("Promotional Items") on https://gentletentnorthamerica.com (the "Website"). By participating in this sale, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions, along with our privacy policy.

2. Sale Period The sale will run from April 20 to May 20. GentleTent North America reserves the right to end the sale prematurely if stock is depleted.

3. Eligibility The sale is open to customers residing in any province of Canada or state of the USA. Participants must verify that they are residents of these locations to qualify for the sale.

4. Promotional Items The sale is limited to GT SKY LOFT and GT ROOF rooftop tents. Other products listed on the Website will not be included in this promotion.

5. Pricing During the sale, Promotional Items will be offered at a discount of $500 off the regular price. All payment methods accepted via Shopify are eligible for use in this promotion.

6. Shipping Standard shipping rates and terms apply to all orders. Details regarding shipping procedures and policies are available on the Website.

7. Returns The standard return policy as detailed on the Website will apply to all purchases made during this sale.

8. Data Privacy We are committed to protecting your privacy. Any personal information collected during the sale will be handled in accordance with the privacy policy published on our Website.

9. Modification of Terms GentleTent North America may modify these terms and conditions without prior notice, including terminating the sale early should inventory run out.

10. Governing Law These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws applicable in the province or state of the purchaser’s residence within Canada or the USA, respectively.

11. Contact Information For any inquiries or concerns regarding these terms and conditions or the sale itself, please refer to the contact information provided on our Website.